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Geography Quiz for SSLC Exams – Geography Quiz

1.   What  are  plantation  crops?   
  • Tea 
  • Coffee
  • Rubber
2.   Define  manufacturing ?
  • Converting  the  natural  resources  into  usable  product  is  defined manufacturing.  
  • The process of  conversion of  raw-materials into finished products with  the help of machine is called manufacturing.

3.   What  are  the by products  of jute  industry?  
  • Gunny bags  
  • Canvas 
  • Pack sheets  
  • Jute  webs  
  • Hessians  
  • Carpets  
  • Cordage and  
  • Twins

4.    Name  the factors that  determine  location  of  an  Industry.
  • Raw material
  • Power
  • Transport
  • Manpower
  • Water
  • Market 
  • Government policies

5. What  are agro  based  Industries? 
  • These industries  use agricultural  products as  their  basic  raw  materials.  
  • Ex.   Cotton Textile  Industry
  • Sugar Industry
  • Jute Industry

6. Name any  five  software centres?
  • Chennai   
  • Mysore
  • Coimbatore   
  • Mumbai
  • Bangalore

7. What  is  water  pollution?
  • Water  pollution  is  any  chemical,  physical  or  biological  change  in  the quality  of  water  that  has  a  harmful    effects  on  any  living  things  that drinks , uses  or any lives  in it These  are  bacteria,  viruses,  protozoa  and  parasitic  worms  that  enter sewage-systems and untreated waste. 

8.   What  is  bio  –  diversity?
  • Bio  diversity  is  the  degree  of  variation  of  the  life  forms  within  a  given ecosystem.
  • On  the  entire  planet,  rapid  environmental  changes  due  to  mining  and dam constructions cause extinctions.

9.   What  is  meant  by pollution  due to  e  –waste.
  • E-waste  generated  out  of  television  sets,  mobile  phones,  computers, refrigerators and printers.
  • India  produces  about  3,80,000  tonnes of  e-waste  generated. 
  • This  is  one  of  the  major  threats  of  environmental  degradation  and  worst radiation  incident  worldwide.

10.   What  is  trade?  What  are  the  types  of  trade ?
  • Trade is an  act  of buying, selling or  exchanging  goods and services.
  • There are two  types  of  trade. a. Internal  Trade     b. International  trade

11. State the merits  of  pipe line  transport.
  • Pipeline  can  be laid  through  difficult  terrain as  well  as   under  water.  
  • It  ensures  steady  supply
  • Pipeline operation involves very low consumption of energy.

12. What  is  meant  by remote  sensing?
  • Remote  sensing  can  be  defined  as  the  collection  of  data  about  an  object from  a  distance.  
  • Remote – far away ; Sensing – getting information

13.   Mention  the  basic  components  of  remote  sensing  .
  • Target
  • Energy  source
  • Transmission  path 
  • Sensor

14.   Define  –  GIS ?
  • GIS  –  Geographic  Information  System.
  • It  is  a    systematic  integration  of  computer  hardware,  software  and spatial  data  for  capturing,    storing,  displaying,  updating,  manipulating and analyzing all forms of geographically referenced data.

15.   Mention  any  two  applications  of  GIS. ?
  • Power  companies  use  GIS  to  monitor  analyse  the  electricity  load  on  the grid  network for  a  particular area.  
  • Transport  companies  use  GIS  to  locate  shortest  routes  for  delivering goods and to save time.

16.   Write  any  two  applications  of GPS. ?
  • GPS  is  a  useful  tool  for  commerce,  scientific  uses,  tracking  and surveillance.  
  • GPS  accurate  timing  facilities  every  day  activities  such  as  banking, mobile phone, operations and  even the control of power grids. 

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