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Why did America Enter The First World War ? SSLC History Questions and Answers

Define Imperialism ?
  • The term imperialism refers to the Policy of extending a country’s  rule over the others. 
  • The aggressive behavior of one state against the other  
  • A country’s dominant over the political and economic interest of  another nation to exploit its natural resources

What is colonialism?
  • Colonialism refers to the policy of acquiring and maintaining colonies especially for exploitation. 
  • The policy adopted by the European countries from AD 1492 –AD 1763 is known as Colonialism.

How did China become an international colony?
  • The combined army of foreign powers defeated the Boxers and marched to Peiking the capital of China. 
  • Empress dowager fled the capital. 
  • The U.S.A and England formulated the open door policy or  “Me too policy “ 
  • The Chinese territories were partitioned among the foreign powers for trade rights. Thus China became an international colony.

Write a note on Taiping Rebellion
  • The Americans, the French and other foreign countries signed similar treaties  with  China. 
  • In 1854 the Chinese rebelled against the native Manchu rulers  and the foreigners.  This rebellion was known as Taiping rebellion.

What do you know about economic or tariff control ?
  • Some powerful nations took over the complete charge of the finances  of a weaker nations. 
  • This method was called Economic or tariff control . 
  • For example before World War I, the Turkish economic system was actually controlled by the Ottoman  Public  Dept  Administration.

What was the immediate cause of the First World War ?
  • In June 28, 1914 the Austrian Crown Prince and his wife Isabella  were assassinated at Serajevo, the capital of Bosnia by a Serbian lad. 
  • Austria sent an ultimatum to Serbia with humiliating terms.  
  • When Serbia ignored the ultimatum , Austria declared war on Serbia on  28th July 1914.

Why did America enter the First World War ?
  • In 1917 Germany drowned four merchant ships of America, including Lusitania  with  her  submarines. 
  • More than hundred Americans died in this incident which made  the American  president  Woodrow  Wilson angry. 
  • Hence,  on the  6th  April  1917  Woodrow  Wilson  declared  war  on Germany. 
  • So America  entered the war.

Mention any two terms of the treaty of Versailles.
  • German army was reduced 
  • A huge war loss was imposed on Germany. 
  • Germany gave up Alsace and Lorraine to France. 
  • She also gave up her the Saar coal field to be occupied by France  for a period of 15 years.

What are the organs of the League of Nations ?
  • The General Assembly 
  • The council 
  • The Secretariat 
  • The International  Court of Justice. 
  • International Labour organization

What were the causes for the Great Economic Depression ?
  • The main cause of the depression was the collapse of American  share market. 
  • It was due to speculation on borrowed money. 
  • The great Depression began on Oct 24, 1929 with the fall in the prices  of shares.

Write a note on national Industrial Recovery Act.
  • The National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA ) was passed to reform  the conditions of the workers by raising their wages and lowering  their  working hours.

What does the term “Fascism” mean ?
  • The  term ”Fascism” is derived  from  the Latin word  “Fasces”.   
  • It  means  a bundle or  group. 
  • Mussolini of Italy , who organized in the beginning groups of  young persons or ganges called the Faces, who created terror  among the people who were considered enemies of the nation.

What were the four pillars of Fascism ?
  • Charismatic leadership 
  • Single party rule under the dictator 
  • Terror and 
  • Economic control.

What  did  Hitler declare ?
  • One people,     
  • one state  
  • one leader.

Write a brief note  on  Munich  agreement.?
  • This agreement was signed  between Neville Chamberlain  and    Hitler at  Munich.   
  • By this agreement Germany was allowed to  annex Sudetenland but  not   to  conquer   any other  territories. 
  • In 1939, Hitler violated the munich agreement by annexing the  whole of Czechoslovakia.

What was the immediate cause for the  second world war ?
  • Hitler demanded Poland to construct a military road. 
  • He also  demanded the  surrender  of Danzig, 
  • When  Poland refused it Hitler made a lightening attack known as Blitzkrieg on Sept 1 1939. As Britain wanted to protect Poland declared war on  Germany on  Sept 3  1939  and France  was  also  joined  with  Britain. 
  • Thus started the Second world war.

Write a note on the  Scorched  Earth Policy ?
  • The  Russian  followed  the   Scorched   Earth  Policy. 
  • They abandoned  the villages and set fire to crops, roads, railways, factories and even houses. 
  • So  that  Germans  could  not  gain  anything. 
  • After a long besiege of five months, Germans were able to capture only the empty  city  of Moscow  and  they retreated  in Jan ,  1944.

Why did America declare   war on Japan  ?  
  • On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked the American fleet  stationed at  Pearl Harbour. 
  • This disastrous attack forced Americans to enter into the war. 
  • The very next day the USA declared war on Japan.

What are   the main objectives of   the  UNO ?
  • To maintain  international  peace  and security 
  • To develop  friendly  relations among  nations 
  • To settle  international  disputes  by  peaceful  minds 
  • To be a centre for all nations to achieve these goals

Mention some of the specialized  agencies of the UNO.
  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) 
  • ILO 
  • FAO  
  • IBRD

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