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What is the Difference between National Party and Political Party – SSLC Civics Questions and Answers

Why is  World  Peace an  essential   one  ?
  • 2013 – 14 Economic  development  of  the  nations  can  be  achieved  only  through world  peace. 
  • World  peace  is  essential  not  only  for  the  economic  development  of India but also for all the developing countries of the world.

Write  a  note on  the Apartheid  ?
  • In  South  Africa  the  whites,  did  not    give  equal  rights  to  the  native Africans.    By  the  involvement  of    Dr.Nelson  Mandela,  Apartheid  came to an end in 1990.

Name  the    areas    identified  by  the  SAARC  countries    for  mutual  cooperation?
  • Transportation     
  • Postal  Service    
  • Tourism    
  • Meteorology   
  • Health   
  • Agriculture   
  • Telecommunication.

What  are  national  parties  ?
  • A  party  recognized    by  the  Election  Commission,  that  secures  at  least six  percent  of  the  total  votes  in  Lok    Sabha  election  in  four  or  more states,  then  it  is called National  Party. 
  • Eg. :  Congress,  BJP.

What  is  a  Political  party ?
  • A  Political    party    is  an  organized    association  of  people  who  come together  on  a  common  platform  with  the  objective  of  winning Political  Powers. 

Give a brief  note on the functions of the Election Commission.
  • It gives  recognition   to the Political  parties. 
  • It   allots symbols for  the parties 
  • It  announces    the  dates  of  election  and  the  dates  on  which  the  votes  will be counted and the declaration  of the final results.
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