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Numerology Numbers and Its Meanings – The Master Numbers in Numerology

Numerology: Working With Numbers Numerology: Working With Numbers is Max Coppa’s incredibly popular practical guide to understanding yourself and others. Easy to read and understand, this book will help you find inner meaning to love, friendship, business, health, spirituality, religion, money and so much more. As a business, life management, human resources or psychological tool, numerology is particularly invaluable and can be used anywhere, anytime. If you are searching for a tool to take the guess work out of your next career move, hiring decision, personal relationship or even investment strategy, Numerology: Working With Numbers is a must for you!

What do the numbers mean? 
Numerology works mainly with the numbers 1 to 9, including the master numbers 11, 22, 33, 44, which are the only numbers not broken down to one digit. The following list will give you an indication of what the numbers mean:


Key word: Energetic Positive traits: Active, leader, independent, ambitious Negative traits: Stubborn, impulsive, impatient, self-centred Famous ones: Scarlett Johansson, Drew Barrymore, Tom Cruise


Key word : Sensitive Positive traits: Feminine, emotional, mother, caring Negative traits: Overly sensitive, too placid / soft, easily hurt Famous twos: Karen Carpenter, Robert Duval 


Key word: Communication Positive traits: Talkative, quick witted, love to socialise, fun Negative traits: Loud, gossip & chatter, attention seekers Famous threes: John Travolta, Billy Zane, Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair 


Key word: Structure Positive traits: Male, practical, father, hard worker Negative traits: Stubborn, rigid, set in their ways Famous fours: Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, Helen Hunt, Avril Lavigne 


Key word: Opportunity Positive traits: Optimistic, good sense of humour, keen and eager Negative traits: Restless, over indulgent, greedy Famous fives: Bette Midler, Joaquin Phoenix, Beyonce Knowles, Uma Thurman


Key word: Balance Positive traits: Caring, appreciate beauty, harmonious, take pride in what they do Negative traits: Lazy, vanity, self-centred Famous sixes: Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christian Slater, John Lennon


Key word: Intelligence Positive traits: Inventive, creative, futuristic, humanitarian Negative traits: Argumentative, intolerant, impatient Famous sevens: Keira Knightley, Heath Ledger, Ethan Hawke, Geena Davis


Key word: Control Positive traits: Empowered, strong, business sense, sexual Negative traits: Materialistic, aggressive, revengeful Famous eights: Matt Damon, Jessica Simpson, Anthony Hopkins 


Key word: Spiritual Positive traits: Intuitive, sensitive, insightful, curious Negative traits: Secretive, insecure, paranoid Famous nines: Sharon Stone, Robbie Williams, Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum
Master numbers hold special significance and are not broken down to a single digit.  


Key word: Independent Positive traits: Driven, motivated, self-employed, born leaders Negative traits: Impatient, strong minded, dominant Famous elevens: Kevin Bacon, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow 


Key word: Healer Positive traits: Natural healing abilities, caring, sensitive, nurturing Negative traits: Vulnerable, easily influenced, flirtatious Famous twenty-twos: Clint Eastwood, Sheryl Crow, Kim Kardashian


Key word: Self expression Positive traits: Excellent communicators, natural teaching abilities, influential, motivators Negative traits: Loud & boisterous, talk incessantly, gossip Famous thirty-threes: Jessica Alba, Ben Affleck, Geri Halliwell, Delta Goodrem, Lindsay Lohan


Key word: Integrity Positive traits: Truth and justice, strong work ethic, dependable, excellent follow through Negative traits: Very stubborn, bossy, fixed Famous forty-fours: Hilary Duff

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