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What is Important Role of Biological Science in Human Welfare?

Discuss briefly the role of Biological Science in Human Welfare?
Science & Technology has changed the man’s way of life and his abilities to do work. It has also increased the rate of development of all area.

Some of the significant role played by Biology in Human Welfare are

1) Biology and Agriculture: The study of Biology helps in identifying useful and harmful plants. According to needs of the society green revolution, Blue revolution, white revolution, tries to solve the food problems.

2) Biology and industry: Leather from the skin of animals, Silks from Worms, Fur, Fats, Honey, Pearls, Shells, Horns, Tusks are obtained from animals and to develop these industries the study of Biology is essential, new areas like Biochemistry, Biotechnology adds strength to this sector.

3) Population: Increase in population is the root cause of all problems in the world. The uncontrolled explosion of population results in scarcity of food, which causes a number of problems for the human beings. The knowledge of science helps in educating the people about problems of over population and importance of population control. The need for family planning and advanantages of small family norms, maintaining the health of the family, importance of health of the mother and child etc., are all understood by the knowledge of biological science

4) Biology and Health: Biology has played significant role in the field. Till recently, thousands of people in the world died of diseases like small pox, malaria and plague every year. During these epidemics, people had to move away from their places te another. Nowadays we don’t even hear about plague or small pox. Medicines and vaccines have proved to be a saviour of mankind. Today more than 90% of human and animal diseases are being cured by synthetic drugs. The manufacturing of synthetic drugs is a million dollar business of various multination
all over the world.
5) Biology has played significant role in DNA finger printing.
6) Biology tries to solve the problem of clothing.
7) Biology helps in conservation of natural resources.

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