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Unemployment Problem in the World – English Short Essay


Unemployment is a burning problem in the present day world. Both the developed and the developing nations are facing this problem. In countries like India it has reached a serious level.
One of the main causes of unemployment is the growing population. Every year a large number qualified young men
of  and women are coming out of colleges and universities. Most of them want jobs. Not many of these are prepared for hard work. Agriculture is our main industry. But it does not provide work round the year. So farmers too remain unemployed for some time.
Many young people want jobs only in government offices and industries. Our system of education does not have  scope for self-employment. Industrial development is slow in our country. A large number of skilled workers are jobless.
Even highly trained doctors and engineers do not find suitable jobs. Our young men and women are not ready for self-employment. Sometimes they do not receive proper encouragement. They find it hard to get the capital required to be selfemployed. Getting loans from the government agencies is along process. All this discourages the youth.
People should understand the seriousness of the problem. First of all population should be controlled. Vocational training is to be provided to the youth. Young men should be ready to whatever work they Job-oriented courses to be started in and colleges. Government should encourage self-employment schemes in a big way. Only then
the problem will be solved.

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