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Engineering Drawing Tools

The drawing instruments or draughting tools are used to produce drawings quickly and more accurately. To obtain satisfactory results in the form of accurate drawings. the draughting tools used must be of high quality.
The students are advised to procure quality draughting tools, which will facilitate to increase efficiency in their draughting work. The present chapter deals with description of draughting tools used by professional draughtsmen and their methods of use. The following is
The list of a majority of draughting tools used byprofessional draughtsmen:
1. Drawing board
2. Mini-draughter
3. Instrument box, containing the following:

(i) Compass
(ii) Bow-compass
(iii) Spring bow-compass
(iv) Divider
(v) Bow-divider
(vi) Bow-pen

4. 30°  -60°  and 45°  -45° set-squares
5. Protractor
6. Set of scales
7. French curves
8. Flexible curve
9. Templates
10. Drawing sheet
11. Paper fasteners
12. Pencils
13. Eraser
14. Erasing shield
15. Draughting brush
16. Drawing ink
17. Tracing paper
18. Lettering pens

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