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Comb / Hair Brush Cleaning Tips – Health Tips in Telugu

Comb / Hair Brush Cleaning Tips
Pre-tooth comb to pick the hair with the help of the risk of lost or stolen eliminate Rally
If the hair brush with a tooth pick to do your hair loose, swinging hard with the pen or pencil
With the help of scissors and then cut them out and eliminate the restrictions pick
  • 1. You jel hair, do not apply creams? However, as soon as you comb head hair brush or comb once clean with shampoo Or comb attached to the gel or cream to dust, dirt, damaged hair loss as a result of attractive
  • 2. lukewarm water, at the rate of half a cup of vinegar to take the comb or hair brush soaked
  • After soaking for 15 to 20 minutes to rinse the shampoo to pull out
  • 3. Betty comb soaked in water to take an old brush on the tooth paste, shampoo, soap, so bring something to the comb / brush the hair should be clean
  • 4. The best work from time to time to comb out the hair of the head, rinse immediately in Comb

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