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What is SQL (Structured Query Language)

Expand SQL.
Ans: SQL stands for Structured Query Language.
Expand DDL.
Ans: DDL stands for Data Definition Language.
Expand DML.
Ans: DML stands for Data Manipulation Language.

What is meant by DDL?
Ans:  The DDL  is  language used  to define the conceptual schema which is  used to describe the data items in a table and the associated relationships.
What is meant by DML?
Ans:  DML  is  a language used  for retrieval of  data,  insertion  of  new data and deletion or modification of existing data. 
What is the SQL command for creating database?
Ans:  create  table;   This command is used to create a table in the database.
Name the SQL command for deleting tuple from  the database.
Ans:  Delete from  tablename where condition; This command is used to erase certain unwanted rows from the table. 
Name the SQL command for inserting  tuple from  the  database.
Ans: The  insert  command is used to  insert one or  more  rows (new records) to an existing table.  

Mention the different data  types available in SQL.
1)  Character  : This data types includes letters, spaces  and special symbols. 
2)  Varchar2  : This type is used to store large number(upto 2000) characters. 
3)  Number  : This  data  type  is  used to store numbers. 
4) Date :This data type is used to store date and time in a table.
What  is  structured  Query Language?  Write the SQL command for deleting tuple(row) from the database.
Ans:  SQL is  a relational database  language designed  and developed  to create a database,  delete, update or retrieve  data  from  a database. The delete command is used to erase certain unwanted rows from the table. 
Syntax: Delete from table name where condition
Write  the syntax for INSERT command in SQL.
Syntax: Insert into tablename (Columnname, Columnname) values(value1, value2,……);  
Example:       Insert into student values(145, ‘Kumar’,  ‘I PUC’, ‘PCMC’, 4500.00)
Write the syntax and example for deleting a table using DROP.
Ans: Drop command is used to remove unwanted tables from the database.
Syntax: Drop table table name;
Example: Drop table student;

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