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General Science Quiz – General Science Questions and Answers

What will a colt grow up to be? a horse What gas do people need to survive? 
Answer  :   oxygen 
Why do you see lightning before you hear thunder? 
Answer  :   because light travels faster than sound 
How many kidneys do we have?
Answer  :   two
What do we usually call the epidermis? 
Answer  :   The Skin

Leaves that turn red or yellow in autumn have lost …what? 
Answer  :   chlorophyll 
What do you call an exploding star near the end of its life? 
Answer  :   a supernova
What do you use to take your temperature? 
Answer  :   a thermometer 
Which comes from an animal: paper, wood or leather? 
Answer  :   leather 
What part of a dinosaur fossil shows whether it ate meat or plants? 
Answer  :   the teeth (or the jaw)
Which of these animals care for their young: frogs, turtles, mice or spiders? 
Answer  :   Mice
Is wind speed measured by a barometer or an anemometer? 
Answer  :   An Anemometer

When two atoms combine, what do they form? 
Answer  :   a molecule  
Which has the most gravity: a red giant, a white dwarf or a black hole? 
Answer  :   a black hole (Its gravity is so strong that not even light can escape.)
In what season do farmers plant corn? 
Answer  :   spring 
Which lives on land some of the time: a fish or an amphibian? 
Answer  :   an amphibian 
What kind of energy is needed to run a refrigerator?
Answer  :   electricity 
How many colors make up white light?
Answer  :   seven (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet)
Where can you see stalactites and stalagmites?
Answer  :   in a cave or cavern
What is a light year? 
Answer  :   the distance light travels in one year (in a vacuum) 
Microsoft was co-founded by computer mastermind 
Answer  :   Bill Gates. 
What hitech company was co-founded by Steve Jobs? 
Answer  :   Apple

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