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The Secret of Coca Cola and Pepsi – Who Invented First Cola – Difference between Coke and Pepsi

In most countries , Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been fighting for the top spot for years. But history has it that both Coke and Pepsi were created by pharmacists in America .  Coke was invented by Dr. John Pamberton in 1886 and Pepsi, by Caleb Bradham in 1893.

While both drinks contains ingredients such as Vanilla, Rare Oils, Carbonated Water , Kola nut extracts , and the widely beloved high fructose corn syrup, Coca Cola packs one secret ingredient called , “7X” .

The secret was so well – maintained that in 1977, the company was forced to abandon Indian after a law was passed to disclose all trade  secrets to the government . In those years , Indians grew up on Gold Spot, Campa Cola , Limca and Citra until Ramesh Chauhan sold them to Coca Cola in the year 1993. Of course, the law of 1977 was changed in 1991 which saw both  Cock and Pepsi enter India again .  They now control the soft drinks market , but also control a lion’s share of the mineral water segment.

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