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Computer Science Fundamentals of Network Operating System Questions and Answers

1)  What is a computer network?
Answer ::     It can be defined as interconnection of  autonomous  computers and terminals together using communication systems to  facilitate exchange  of information. 

2)  Mention the advantage of  networking.
Answer ::     speed,  cost, etc 

3)  Mention the different types of  network. ?
Answer ::     Local area network(LAN), Wide area network(WAN), Metropolitan area network(MAN)  

4)  What is a file server?
Answer ::     It is the main component of  the network. It is a very fast computer with a large amount of RAM and  storage  space.  File  server stores all the files and application software and operating system.  

5)  What is a work  station? 
Answer ::     It is also referred to as  nodes,  clients  are the computers connected to the file server. 

6)  Mention the most widely used  interface card.
Answer ::     Ethernet cards 

7)  What are routers? 
Answer ::     a router translates information from  one  network to another.  Routers select the best path  to  route a message based on  the destination address and origin. 

8)  What  are switches? 
Answer ::     it is a device that provides  a central connection point to cables  from server’s workstations  and peripherals. 

9)  What are the functions of the bridges in the  network? 
Answer ::     It provides link between the older network and the new network. 

10)  Mention different network services.
Answer ::     file service,  Print and fax services,   Message services,  Application services,  Database services 

11)  Mention different data  transmission methods.
Answer ::   Serial transmission method and parallel transmission method 

12)  Mention the different  communication modes. 
Answer ::   1) simplex 2) half-duplex 3) full-duplex  

13)  Mention the different switching  techniques. 
Answer ::   1) circuit switching 2) message  switching 3) packet switching 

14)  What is topology? 
Answer ::   it can be defined as  physical layout of  the cables, arrangement of resources and communication facilities. 

15)  Mention the different  types  of topology.
Answer ::     bus, star, ring, tree, mesh 

16)  Mention major network architecture.
Answer ::      1) client-server network  2) Peer-to-peer  network   

17)  What is client-server technology?  
Answer ::     It  is  a network where  one  computer  acts as the  server and another is  called client. The server is the most  important  part of the network system providing access to  resources and  providing security. 

18)  Mention the advantage  of  client-server technology.
Answer ::     1) resources and security are directly controlled through the server. 2) New technology can be easily  implemented in to the  system. 

19)  Mention the disadvantage of  client-server  technology.
Answer ::     1) investment on the server and  networking cost  is high.  2) Network  administrator  is required. 

20)  What is peer-to-peer technology?  
Answer ::   In this architecture all computers are considered equal because all  have the same abilities to use the resources available on the network. Here the resources are shared among the nodes. Each computer  acts both as client  and server. 

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