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The Earth and Planets

It is the planet nearest to the earth.
Average distance to the Sun:57.6 Million Kms.
Diameter:4,849.6 Kms.
Period of revolution:88 days
Period of rotation:58 days 15 hrs 30 mts. 34sec.

It is also known as the Morning Star or the Evening Star.
It is the brightest of all the planets.
Diameter:12,032 Kms.
Period of revolution:225 days
Period of rotation:243 days 14mts.

Equatorial diameter:12,756 Kms.
Polar diameter:12,714 Kms.
Distance from the Sun:149,597,900 Kms.
Period of revolution:365 days 5 hrs, 48 mts,45.51 sec.
Period of rotation:23 hrs 56 mts. 4.09 sec.

Diameter:6,755.2 Kms.
Distance from the Sun:225.6 Million Kms.
Period of revolution:687 days
Period of rotation:24 hrs 37 mts. 22.663 sec.

This is the largest planet in the solar system.
Diameter:141,968 Kms.
Distance from the Sun:772.8 Million Kms.
Period of revolution:11.9 years
Period of rotation:9 hrs 50 mts. 30 sec.

It was discovered by Galileo.
Diameter:119,296 Kms.
Distance from the Sun:1,417.6 Million Kms.
Period of revolution:29.5 years
Period of rotation:10 hrs 14 mts.

Diameter:52,096 Kms.
Distance from the Sun:2,852.8 Million Kms.
Period of revolution:84 years
Period of rotation:16 hrs 10 mts.

Diameter:49,000 Kms.
Distance from the Sun:4,497 Million Kms.
Period of revolution:165 years
Period of rotation:18 hrs 26 mts.

This is the coldest and smallest of all planets.
It is also the most distant one.
Diameter:3,040 Kms.
Distance from the Sun:5,865.6 Million Kms.
Period of revolution:248 years
Period of rotation:6 days 9 hrs and 18 mts.

(10) MOON
Moon is earth’s satellite.
Its period of rotation and
Period of Revolution are the same. i.e.29 1/2 days.

  • Surface Area :: 510,100,500 Sq.Kms.
  • Land Surface :: 148,950,800 Sq.Kms. (29.08%)
  • Water Surface : 361,149,700 Sq.Kms. (70.92%)
  • Equatorial circumference : 40,075 Kms.
  • Polar circumference :: 40,008 Kms
  • Equatorial radius : 6,377 Kms
  • Equatorial Diameter :: : 1,22,756 Kms.
  • Polar radius ::: 6,357 Kms.
  • Polar Diameter ::: 12,714 Kms.
  • Mean distance from the Sun ::  : 14,95,97,900 Kms.
  • Period of revolution :: : 365 days 5 hours 48 mts. 45.51 Sec.
  • Period of rotation ::: 23 hrs. 56 mts. 4.091 Sec.
  • Escape Velocity  from the earth ::  11 Km per Sec. (minimum)

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