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Some Important Facts About Biology


Many short branched parts called dendrites.

Father of Biology and Zoology–Aristotle

Father of Botany–Theophrastus

Father of Taxonomy– Carolus Linnaeus

Father of Medicine– Hippocrates

Euglena is an organism which exhibits the characteristic of both plants and animals .

The Cell was firstly invented by an English Scientist Robert Hook in 1665.

Cell Theory-The cell theory wasjointly propounded by a botanist Schleden and a Zoologist Schwan in 1838-1839.

Lysosome destroys itself in such a process so it is called suicide vesicle(bag) of the cell

Mitochondria is called Power House of the cell.

Ribosome is called the factory of protein.

Chloroplast is called Kitchen of cell.

The smallest cell is Mycoplasma Gallosepticum, while the largest cell is Ostrich’s egg .

Cell-wall is completely developed and which is composed of cellulose.

The blue-green algae is a special type of bacteria which are called cyanobacteria.

The  algae  which  appear  on  the  ice are  called  Cryptophytes,while  which appear  on  the  rock  are  called Lithophytes.

 The  Largest  banyan  tree  of  Indian Botanical  Garden,  Shivpur (Howarah) Pitcher  plant  leaves  accommodate to  trap  the  insects  and  modified themselves  in  the  form  of  bags.

 The  metal  magnesium  is  found  in the  chlorophyll  of  plant  leave  and  in the  nucleus  of  the  chlorophyll  the atom  of  magnesium  exists.

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