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Internet and Web Technology Questions with Answers

Internet & Web Technology Questions with Answers 

Q.1 The main function of a browser is to    ?
(A)  compile HTML 
(B)  interpret HTML  
(C)  de-compile HTML 
(D)  interpret CGI programs 
Ans: B   The main function of a browser is to interpret HTML. 
Q.2 Which of the following is associated with SNMP   
(A)  SMI 
(B)  BER  
(C)  DNS 
(D)  MIB 
Ans: D   MIB is associated with SNMP. 
Q.3 ATM is an example of      ?
(A)  Ring topology 
(B)  Star topology  
(C)  Bus topology 
(D)  None of the above. 
Ans: B       Star topology 
Q.4 The first part of the address in electronic mailbox identifies:   
(A)  User’s mailbox 
(B)  Computer on which mail box resides  
(C)  Both (A) & (B) 
(D)  None of the above 
Ans: A       User’s mailnbox. 
Q.5 Protocol used to monitor and control network devices operates at:    ?
(A)  Application layer 
(B)  Transport layer  
(C)  Network layer 
(D)  Data Link layer 
Ans: A       Application layer.
Q.6 DHCP stands for  ?
(A) Dynamic Host Control Protocol
(B) Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.
(C) Dynamic Host Connection Protocol.
(D) None of the above. 
Ans: B     Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.  
Q.7 The transport protocol used by TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) is:   ?
(A)  FTP 
(B)  UDP  
(C)  TCP 
(D)  IP 
Ans: B       UDP. 
Q.8 The Environment variable SCRIPT_NAME in CGI script specifies:  ?
(A) Domain name of the computer running o server
(B) The path of URL after server name.
(C) Name of the server
(D) None of the above. 
Ans: B      The path of URL after server name. 
Q.9 Application layer (layer 4) in TCP/IP model corresponds to:    ?
(A)  Layer 4 and 5 in OSI model 
(B)  Layer 5 and 6 in OSI model  
(C)  Layer 6 and 7 in OSI model 
(D)  Layer 1 and 2 in OSI model 
Ans: C     Layer 6 and 7 in OSI model. 
Q.10 UDP (User Diagram Protocol) is   
(A)  Connectionless 
(B)  Message Oriented  
(C)  Connection oriented 
(D)  Both (A) and (B) 
Ans: D     Both (A) and (B). 
Q.11 A network address prefixed by 1000 is:   
(A)  Class A address 
(B)  Class B address  
(C)  Class C address 
(D)  Class D address 
Ans: B     Class B address.

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