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Computer Abbreviations – Part 5

Computer Abbreviations – Part 5

RAM => Random Access Memory

RARP => Reverse Address Resolution Protocol

RDBMS => Relational Database Management System

RPC => Remote Procedure Call

RSS => Rich Site Summary

RTP => Real-time Transport Protocol

SDK => Software Development Kit

SIP => Session Initiation Protocol

SMS => Short Message Service

SMTP => Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SNMP => Simple Network Management Protocol

SNTP => Simple Network Time Protocol

SQL => Structured Query Language

SSL => Secure Socket Layer

TCP/IP => Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

TI => Texas Instruments

tmp => temporary

TTL => Time To Live

UDP => User Datagram Protocol

UML => Unified Modeling Language

UPS => Uninterruptible Power Supply

URL => Uniform Resource Locator

USB => Universal Serial Bus

VB => Visual Basic

VM => Virtual Machine

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