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Highest In The World – ప్రపంచంలో ఎత్తయినవి

Highest In The World

 Highest  Mountain  Peak
 Mt. Everest  (Nepal)
 Highest  Mountains
 Highest  Lake        
 Titicaca (Bolivia)
 Highest  Plateau
 Highest  Continent
 Highest  Waterfall 
 Angel Falls,  (Venezuela)
 Highest  Active  Volcano 
 Guayathiri (Chile)
 Highest  Capital  City
 La Paz (Bolivia)
 Highest  Town
 Wenchuan  (Tibet)
 Highest  Volcano 
 Cotopaxy (Ecuador)
 Highest  Airport
 Lhasa Airport  (Tibet)
 Highest  Railway Station
 Condor Station  (Bolivia)
 Highest  River  Bridges
 Royal Gorge (Colorado)
 Highest  Railway
 Qinghai – Tibet   (5072m)

 Highest  Bridge

 Milau (France) 2.46 km)

Abu Dhabi’s  Tower
Abu Dhabi’s  Tower 160  metre Capital Gate Tower,  developed by  the  Abu  Dhabi National Exhibition Company  has been recognized as the ‘furthest  leaning ‘man made tower’in the world by Guinness world records.   The tower leans at 18 degrees over four times the angle  of Italy’s  famous  Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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