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RRB Exam Analysis (04-04-2016) First Shift – April 4th

When is World Earth Day ?
Answer : 22 April

Who wrote the calvin and hobbies comic strip?
Answer : Bill Watterson

Name of Parent Company of Google ?
Answer : Alphabet

Who was the Governor General after the Mountbattan ?
Answer : C.Raja Gopala Chari

When was Economic Liberalisation in india started ?
Answer : 1991

Who is the Father of White Revolution ?
Answer : Verghese Kurian

Who wrote the book of Unknown Indian ?
Answer : N.C. Chowdari

Where is the Shore Temple Located ?
Answer : Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

Who was the Brand Ambassador of Syechelles ?
Answer : AR Rahman

Name of the India First Satellite ?
Answer : Aryabhatta

What is Victoria Memorial ?
Answer : Meseum

On Which Planet NASA found water ?
Answer : Mars

Which is Laccadeav Sea ?
Answer :  Lakshadweep Sea

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