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RRB Non Technical Online Exam Analysis (30-03-2016) 3rd Shift

Where are Head Quarters of  ISRO Located?
Answer: Bangalore

Which Bank is First Bank in India?
Answer: Bank of Hindustan

Where First Olympic Games was Held?
Answer: Athens, Greece

What is % Of Nitrogen in Air?
Answer: 78%

What is the Opposite Country of  First Test Match of Sachin Tendulcar in 1989?
Answer: Pakistan

Which Country is going to host 2023 Cricket World Cup?
Answer: India

What is East  Boundary of Jammu & Kashmir ?
Answer: LOC

What is Validity Time of Bank Cheque?
Answer: 3 Months

What is New Name of World Trade Center after 9/11 Targeted?
Answer:One World Trade Center

What is Shortcut Key to Expand Browsing Screen in  Web Browser?

Which Day is Celebrated as National Science Day?
Answer: Feb 28

In which Year Shimla Agreement took Place?
Answer: Shimla in 1972

What is Aim of Ganga Action Plan?
Answer: To Purify Ganga River

What does ASCII Stands For?
Answer: American Standard Code for Information Exchange

Rupee Symbol is based which Lipi? Answer: Devanagari

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