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RRB Non Technical Exam (29-03-2016 Third Shift) Asked Questions&Answers

RRB Non Technical Exam (29-03-2016 Third Shift) Asked Questions& Answers

Real is currency of which Country?
Ans : Brazil

MOM Satellite is Launched on ?
Ans :  5th November 2013

Environment Day is Observed on ?
Ans :  June 5th

What is the name of Satellite ISRO is planning to launch on SUN?
Ans :  Aditya – I

“NO TOBACCO DAY” is observed on ?
Ans : May 31st

Which of the following rivers originates from Western Ghats ?
Ans : Kaveri River

Thomas Cup associated which sports ?
Ans :  Badminton

69th Republic Day chief guest ?
Ans : Francois Hollande , France President

2015 World Cup was held in ?
Ans :  Australia and Newzeland

Yahoo personality of the Year 2015?
Ans :  Cow

Rupee (“र”) Symbol was introduced in India in the year?
Ans : 2015

103rd National Science Congress was held in which city ?
Ans :  Mysore

Zika Virus related to which organ of the body?
Ans : Brain

Which country shares largest border with India?
Ans : Bangladesh

Bear Market means ?
Ans :  Fall of the market

ONGC Head Quarters located in ?
Ans :  Dehradun , Uttarakhand

Earths water cycle powered by ?
Ans : Sun

New name of ” Bharatpur National Park” ?
Ans :  Keoladeo Ghana National Park

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