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Working with wax as a hobby can be fun and can be profitable, as they can make beautiful, yet inexpensive gifts. Candle making is not difficult for a beginner to learn. It only requires little creativity. You can anytime melt the wax down and start over, for this craft. There are varied kits for candle making available in market, which you can even use for making your candles. Handmade candles can be used for various purposes. They can be used as gifts for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions or you can just display handmade candles at home or throw a romantic dinner party for your valentine, with not only home cooked meal, but also the homemade scented candles. You can even use these candles in your bathroom for enjoying light fragrance while taking bath. Learn how to make scented candles at home, with the instructions given below. 

How To Make Scented Candles At Home

Materials Required

1.Any Form of Wax
2.Candle Color (Crayons do not burn well)
3.Bowls to Give Your Candles Cold Water Baths
4.Candle/Candy/Meat Thermometer
5.Kitchen Stove for Heating
6.Large Coffee Can to Melt the Wax in
7.Plain Paraffin Wax
8.Pot that can accommodate the Coffee Can when it is half full of Water
9.Pure Fragrance Oil or Concentrated Scents (without Water or Alcohol Base)
10.Wick of Right Size (1/2″ wick for 1/2″ candle, 1″ wick for 1″ candle and so on)
11.Wooden Spoon for Stirring

Cut wax into small pieces so that it melts quickly.

Heat the water on medium temperature until it comes to a gentle boil.

Place the wax in the coffee can and place it into the water. Never place wax directly on heat source or it will catch fire.

Keep stirring the wax until it reaches 160 F and melts completely. Use the thermometer for correct temperature.

Turn down the heat to keep water warm and wax melted.

Add the color to the candles, little by little, until you get the desired shade.

Wax color lightens up a little after wax cools down so you may check by letting a spoonful of wax cool to see the correct shade.

Add fragrance oil or scent until you get the desired strength of smell. However, more oil may mean difficulty in burning the candles alter.

Keep stirring and keep the wax melted at the temperature of 160 F until everything is well blended.

You can make two candles at once. Take wick that is double the length of the candle that you want plus three inches to hold.

Fold the wick in the center by doubling it over your finger and start dipping it in the melted wax.

Dip the wick in wax for a few seconds and then let it cool for a minute and repeat the dipping.
Do not let wet candles touch each other.

After a few layers, you may speed up the cooling process by dipping the candle in wax and then in cool water bowl.

When the candles, reach the desired thickness, roll them on smooth surface to remove the lumps.

Heat up the wax to the temperature of 182 F and dip the candles once more for a few seconds and let them cool.

Trim the bottom of the candle with a sharp knife to give it a straight edge
Hang up the candles to dry from the wick.

When the candles are completely dry, cut the wick in between them to separate the candles.
Kids require adult supervision to try this one out.

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