September 15, 2018

Important Questions and Answers for SET/NET Special 18th Century

1. Whose essays were originally published as “Chinese Letters”?
a. Johnson’s
b. Boswell’s
c. Gold smith’s
d. Addison’s

2. What is the name of the Vicar’s daughter in Goldsmith’s The Vicar of Wakefield ?
a. Helen
b. Olivia
c. Barbara
d. Portia

3. Goldsmith’s novel ‘The Vicar of Wakefield’ is marked the qualities of ?
a. Humour and Pathos
b. Funny and Satire
c. Bravery
d. Ambiguity

4. Tom Bowling in Tobias Smollett’s Roderick Random is a
a. Dancer
b. Seaman
c. Artist
d. Teacher

5. Tobias Smollett’s ‘The Adventures of Roderick Random’ is a?
a. Picaresque novel
b. Sentimental novel
c. Gothic novel
d. Revolutionary novel

6. Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones has its Picaresque elements and the major part of the action takes place?
a. in the forest
b. on the road
c. In the dining hall
d. in the den

7. Character Manfred, Isabella, and Conrad are from?
a. The Old English Baron
b. Mysteries of Udolpho
c. Castle of Otranto
d. The Benevolent Man

8. Jane Austen laughed at the book in her ‘Northanger Abbey’ which is a Gothic novel. What is the name of the novel?
a. Castle of Otranto
b. The Old English Baron
c. Mysteries of Udolpho
d. The Romance of the Forest

9. William Beckford wrote Vathek’ first in French in 1782 and translated into English by Samuel Henley in?
a. 1782
b. 1783
c. 1786
d. 1790

10. Natural History of Selborne was written by ?
a. Pope
b. Gray
c. Cowper
d. Gilbert White

11. ‘Memoirs of My Life and Writings (1796) is Edward Gribbon’s life, complied after his death by his friend ?
a. Lord Sheffield
b. Burnet
c. Robertson
d. David Hume

12. Who was not a member of the Johnson’s Literary Club from the following ?
a. Edmund Burke
b. Edward Gibbon
c. Oliver Goldsmith
d. David Hume

13. Sir Joshua Reynolds founded the ’Club’, later called the ‘Literary Club’ Basically he was a/an?
a. Poet
b. Essayist
c. Artist
d. Philosopher

14. Choose the mismatch from the following.
a. Cibber – Carless Husband
b. Steel – Tender Husband
c. John Home - The Donglas
d. Johnson – Revenge

15. Choose Goldsmith’s play from the following .
1. The Vicer of Wakefield
2. The Vanity of Human Wishes
3. The Good natured Man
4. She Stoops to Conquer
a. Only 1
b. 1 and 3
c. 2 and 4
d. 3 and 4

16. The Ossianic poems are associated with?
a. Oliver Goldsmith
b. James Macpherson
c. Samuel Johnson
d. Henry Mackensie

17. Mathew Gregory Lewis was called ?
a. Magic Lewis
b. Meg Lewis
c. Monk Lewis
d. Mott Lewis

18. ‘The Art of Walking the Streets of London‘ is the sub title of the poem from the following
a. Liberty
b. The Deserted Village
c. Trivia
d. River

19. The First women novelist is?
a. Jane Austene
b. George Eliot
c. Franceis Burney
d. Virginia Woolf

20. Who says, “the age of prose and reason, our excellent and indispensable 18th century”
a. Goldsmith
b. Bose well
c. Pope
d. Arnold

21. Whose poetry was known as ‘nambypamby ’
a. Ambrose Philips
b. John Gay
c. Pope
d. John Gay

22. ‘The Err is Human, to forgive divine’ is from
a. The Dunciad
b. The Rape of the Lock
c. The Essay on Criticism
d. Essay on Man

23. Pope’s ‘ The Essay on Criticism was influenced by ?
a. Plato
b. Boileau
c. Horace
d. b and c

24. Who is not a historian from the following?
a. Edmund Burke
b. Robertson
c. David Hume
d. Edward Gibbon
25. Mrs. Malaprop is a Character from?
a. The School of Scandal
b. She Stoops to Conquer
c. The Rivals
d. The Good – Natured Man

26. The rise of the English novel in the 18th Century was due to the rise of ?
a. Women education
b. Industrial workers
c. Middle Classes
d. peasantry

27. Arrange them in chronological order 
a. Songs of Experience, Beggar’s Opera, The Essay on Criticism, The Rape of the Lock
b. The Essay on Criticism, The Rape of the Lock, Beggar’s Opera, Songs of Experience
c. Songs of Experience, The Essay on Criticism, Beggar’s Opera, The Rape of the Lock.
d. The Rape of the Loc,”‘Beggar’s Opera, The Essay on Criticism, Songs of experience

28. Which two countries are related to Laurence Sterne’s A Sentimental Journey’s
a. France, Germany
b. England, Scotland
c. England, France
d. France, Italy

29. Who Says ‘Paradise Lost’ for it’s lack of human interest?
a. George Eliot
b. Pope
c. Goldsmith
d. Johnson

30. Thomas Deloney’s The Gentle Craft is about ?
a. Praise of Shoemaker
b. Art of Framing
c. Craftsmanship
d. b and c

31. Which one of the following was not a satire of William Cowper?
a. Table – talk
b. The Progress of Error
c. Conversation
d. The Task

32. All the works are written by Goldsmith except ?
a. The Traveller
b. Retaliation
c. The Vanity of Human Wishes
d. Sir Charles Grandson

33. Samuel Johnson’s essays appeared in ?
a. Rambler
b. London Magazine
c. a and b
d. Gentleman’s Magazine

34. Fingal and Timora were written by?
a. Crabbe
b. Gibban
c. Macpherson
d. Goldsmith

35. Who wrote the Siege of Troy?
a. Joseph Addision
b. Richard Savage
c. Elkanah Settle
d. Johnson

36. The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire written by?
a. Edmund Burke
b. Edward Gibbon
c. David Hume
d. Addison

37. Who was not a letter writer from the following?
a. Lord Chesterfield
b. Montagu
c. Horace Walpole
d. Boswell

38. Samuel Johnson wrote ‘......’ to pay his mother’s funeral expenses and other debts
a. Irene
b. Rasselas
c. The Vanity of Human Wishes
d. London

39. Caleb Williams was written by?
a. William Godwin
b. Johnson
c. Clara Reve
d. Brooke

40. Horace Walpole’s Castle of Otranto story took place in?
a. 12th Century
b. 13th Century
c. 5th Century
d. 6th Century

41. Mrs Ann Radcliffe’s Mysteries of Udolpho is set?
a. at the end of 12th century
b. at the end of 13th century
c. at the end of 15th century
d. at the end of 16th century

42. Richardson’s second novel is?
a. Virtue Rewarded
b. Clarissa
c. Sir Charles Grandson
d. b and c

43. The Lousiad is a satire on the personal habits of ?
a. Johnson
b. Boswell
c. George III
d. Gifford

44. Ode ‘To the Bee’ and to the Gowdspink were written by?
a. Feargusson
b. Burns
c. Vaughan
d. Herbest

45. Swift’s The Battle of the Books was published in?
a. 1697
b. 1690
c. 1704
d. 1705

46. Which is wrong statement related to 18th century
a. The Essay and the novel were the two chief gifts of the 18th century
b. The 18th century was a great age for letter writing
c. The drama of the 18th century is a dull and dreary
d. The Essay and the novel were not flourished in 18th century

47. Who is called “a dramatic star of the first magnitude”?
a. Shakespeare
b. Sheridan
c. Ibsen
d. G.B. Shaw

48. Strene’s visit to France influenced his work ?
a. A Sentimental Journey
b. Journal to Eliza
c. Tristram Shandy
d. a and c

49. Who is the funniest Character in Tristram Shady ?
a. Susannah
b Corporal Trim
c. Uncle Toby
d. Tristram

50. Who is not a character in ‘The School for Scandal’ from the following?
a. Lydia Languish
b. Joseph Surface
c. Sir Oliver
d. Lady Teazle

1-C       2-B      3-A       4-B      5-A      6-B      7-C      8-C      9-C     10-D 
11-A    12-D    13-C    14-D    15-D    16-B    17-C    18-C    19-C    20-D 
21-A    22-C    23-D    24-A    25-C    26-C    27-B    28-D    29-D    30-A
31-D    32-D    33-A    34-C    35-C    36-B    37-D    38-B    39-A    40-A 
41-D    42-B    43-C    44-A    45-A    46-D    47-B    48-B    49-C    50-A



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